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  • Day4

    Hobart ,Tasmania

    March 19 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Hobart ,Tasmania.

    We came into Hobart at sunrise ,up the Derwent River, with the rising sun shining on the organ pipes of Mt Wellington. Berthed very close to the city, at the Logging part, which in its self was something, the logs here stacked to precision ,quite amazing , later we saw the operator of a large vehicle ,with a big log attached ,battering them into line.!
    We have visited Hobart a time ago, it’s a lovely, ocean side, city ,seafood outlets abound ,many boats moored, interesting statues. Huge English trees ,hints of autumn. The old wharf side warehouses have been beautifully converted into apartments , and the old sandstone buildings of the 1800’s stand strong. A mellow day, soft skies, and much to like.. On a whim we took a trip to the top of Mt Wellington, at 4000+ feet ,and what a revelation that was.! Just 5 of us with a very nice driver, Dutch by origin ,but really Australian ,informative and bright.
    The mountain is quite unique, huge straight gums, in the beginning, hundreds of years old ,a narrow road built by hand in the 1800’s most likely by convicts .Rocks of amazing kinds, changing as we climbed higher, covered in lots of pretty and different lichen’s ,which look like the Aboriginal paintings ,and will be related .Whole slopes on the tops, of round boulders tumbling down. At the very summit, where there is snow often in winter, quite a surprise to see ,many ,many kinds of hebe’s and other plants, flowering and flourishing, some in tiny crevices .There are 500 plant species here on this mountain.The pinkish rock up here, in pinnacles, as left by their volcanic action of thousands of years ago, boardwalks and path’s to see it all, it was simply great. Cloud soon rolled in, but from just a little further down we were able to see the views. There grew banksia’s prolific, in pretty colours, all about, with tiny honey eaters darting in and out…So much that was new, lovely and unexpected.
    Coming down back into the city which is smallish, just 220,0000, were the old grand homes from the 1800’s that housed the Commandants of the Convicts ,wrought iron and nicely kept today.
    Later we walked some distance around the harbour to Salamanca ,galleries and markets, not operating as a complete market , except on Saturday..but a fruit and Veg one, had tomatoes for $9.20 a KG, cheapest at $5.20, quite a shock…,amongst other interesting stuff of course..Nice Parks and gardens, along the way. We enjoyed a good walk in the warm sun ,and made our way back to our ship. We sailed at sunset, this is a city where almost everyone has a sea view, from many hills that surround ,they are close to the bush, a danger ,as forest fires are still burning all this time later .We enjoyed Tasmania just as much as years ago, a fairly close destination with very varied scenery ,history, and animals. The Americans here, enthralled with the Tasmanian devils and all they saw . Touched, a Wombat ,and many Kangaroos at a Sanctuary. 46% of Tasmania is National Park.
    We have discovered more lovely places on board, so tastefully arranged, and today enjoyed the 7 hole putting green, with comfortable seating, divided by nice artificial hedging of marcracapra…like foliage.! Warm out today, 26o..
    Great sadness though ,as our Dear Grand Cat, Christian’s big beautiful James, has passed away ,in the bigger picture of things may not seem a loss, but he was his Family ,and we all know how that feels…
    Tonight we have Captains cocktails, not fussed, but Sam thinks go, we are meeting very nice people along the way, we are sort of a Family really. [This was 40+ people who are going to London, minus the World cruisers ,who number 463,so kindred spirits and did meet some very nice people…]
    Hope Mum is enjoying snippets of this ,and that you are all okay.
    Love from us, Faye and Sam.
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  • Day2


    April 12 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    After a rocky start yesterday we had an uneventful flight to Hobart but then had to wait for half an hour for our vehicle, then we were upgraded as they didn’t have what we booked, oh well, nice big wagon, same price, love it.
    Hotel in good position in town. Drove out to Mt Wellington to find the summit road closed due to roadworks, lovely!! However, we did get some great views from half way up. Drove out to Kingston, so pretty and the beach lovely.
    Found the shot tower historical site and climbed the 324 steps to the top.
    I am the driver with Jeanette the good navigator.
    Off to Port Arthur tomorrow.
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  • Day4

    Bruny Island

    April 14 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 61 °F

    Early bus trip from downtown Hobart to Kettering for the ferry to Bruny Island then 40 min drive to Adventure Bay to board a boat for a three hour trip. Great weather, no major swell, magic boatman and our crazy tour guide - all made for a great day. Went down the coast into the southern ocean, unfortunately we didn’t get to see any Whales. Such amazing caves and coastline.
    Lots of fun and laughter, then stopped to buy oysters on the way home, scoffing them on the ferry.
    Back to Hobart, straight into a bar overlooking the waterfront for a ‘Japanese Slipper’ along with nibbles.
    What a great day .
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  • Day3

    Hobart Tourists

    April 13 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 61 °F

    Walked from Hotel to Salamanca Market downtown Hobart this morning. Lovely cafe for breakfast then a wander, magic place, best market I have ever been to.
    Back to pick up car then drove to Port Arthur, wow, what a place, wandered through the grounds and old penitentiary plus old houses, the history of this place and it’s convicts is amazing. Walked through the memorial garden that was created after the 1996 massacre of 35 people killed by a crazed gunman. One such person was Jason Winter of whom Mike & I knew slightly from his being a winemaker. Knew his father-in-law really well from Waihi Beach. Did a boat trip around the harbour and learnt more history of the convict life, great place.
    Big day tomorrow, watch this space!!! Lots of laughs today 🤪🤪🤪
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  • Day21


    May 16 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Brekkie in the company of roosters, a short morning walk in the mountain, packing for the city, and then another walk down a stoney stairway to find one more of those cliffs made of tiny Lego-lookalike rocks, beautifully placed under a blue sky and far away from the crowd - and then a loong walk up those same stairs. All before lunch and driving to Hobart, Tasmania's capital.
    Hobart seems like a nice, modern city with a lit of culture, hipster areas and a popular local brewery, but we enjoyed doing nothing/working indoor for a bit. And we cooked salmon with potatoes in the owen!
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  • Day4

    Welcome to Hobart

    February 9, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Nachdem wir die vergangen knapp 35 Stunden im Flugzeug oder an Flughäfen verbracht hatten, sind wir gestern Abend glücklich und sehr müde im Hostel ‚Monacute’ in Hobart angekommen und waren froh, endlich wieder im Liegen schlafen zu können.

    Am ersten Tag in Hobart - gingen wir es ruhig an und besuchten nach dem Frühstück den ,Opossum Bay‘ und fuhren ein wenig durch die Gegend - ach ja, wir haben von der Autovermietung einen flotten weissen Flitzer erhalten.

    Unser Hostel ist im sogenannten ‚Battery Point‘ und nur gerade 10 Gehminuten vom Hafen und Stadtzentrum entfernt. Am Nachmittag nahmen wir diesen kurzen Spaziergang auf uns und erkundeten Hobart zu Fuss. Am Hafen war noch das ‚Queen‘s Baton Relay‘ im Gange, irgendein Anlass mit Livemusik:-) Die verschiedenen Musiker klangen mal gut, mal weniger - Manu hat während dessen Statistik erhoben über den Kaugummikauenden Securitymann in Rot vor der Bühne: 92 x Kaugummi kauen in 60 Sekunden, hochgerechnet auf 1 Stunde kommt man auf unglaubliche 5520 Kaubewegungen - dieser Kiefer muss was aushalten können!
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  • Day13


    November 22, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Hallo liebe Freunde + Familie in der Heimat,

    jetzt sind wir schon seit 1 1/2 Wochen in Tasmanien, aber Nepal ist immer noch in unseren Gedanken sehr präsent.
    Das was wir dort an Armut und Hilfsbedürftigkeit erlebt haben, hat uns emotional wieder einmal über die Maßen aufgewühlt.

    So haben wir uns entschieden neben der Schulausbildung für die Kinder unserer Patenfamilie, auch einmalig eine alleinstehende Mutter mit ihrem kranken Kind finanziell zu unterstützen. Der kleine Dawa Sangay Sherpa hat seit einiger Zeit ein Geschwür im Gesicht, das immer größer wird und unbedingt operativ entfernt werden muss!
    Jetzt kann sich vermutlich der ein oder andere von Euch vorstellen, dass ein einfacher Nepali -noch dazu eine alleinstehende Mutter - aus den Bergen, das Geld für die Operation nie im Leben aufbringen kann (umgerechnet sprechen wir von ca. 800/900 €!)
    Deshalb unser Aufruf an Euch. Vielleicht könnt ihr dieses Jahr einfach ein paar Euros weniger für Weihnachtsgeschenke ausgeben und dafür die beiden Familien unterstützen.
    Ich werde das gesammelte Geld direkt an die Betroffenen überweisen, sodass es auch da ankommt wo es gebraucht wird.

    Falls ihr meine Bankverbindung braucht, meldet euch einfach kurz per Mail!

    Ein herzliches Namaste und vielen Dank auch im Namen der Familien

    Eure Weltenbummler
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  • Day7

    Klettern im Waterworks Quarry

    November 16, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Bei recht schönem Wetter haben wir mal den tasmanischen Dolerite angetestet. Mit den Bewertungen tun wir uns aber noch ein wenig schwer. Eigentlich ist ne Australische 12 so UIAA 3+, aber das hat sich definitiv anderst angefühlt🙈

  • Day12

    Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

    September 6 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    After a relaxed morning with long breakfast I decided to go to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart! It was really interesting. I spend there 3 h and only saw 1 of the 3 floors. However, I've learned a lot of new things about the Aboriginal culture in Tasmania and the sad history of Aboriginal people after the Europeans took the land over, or (in other words), stole their land. Nowadays, Tasmania still has a quite big and strong aboriginal community. They try to rediscover aboriginal traditions for example the songs, dances, tools or handcrafts . However, the people of this community are half European half aboriginal (because European sealers had aboriginal wifes). There is no tasmanian Aboriginal without European blood left...
    The museum also offers exhibition about the history of Tasmania, it's nature or the Antarctica which were really interesting!
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