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  • Day194


    August 25, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Wir verabschiedeten uns von Theresa am Fährenhafen und fuhren auf die Fähre Richtung Europäisches Festland.
    10h später waren wir auch schöne da.
    Wir ließen Athen in der Nacht noch hinter uns und fuhren ca. 40km aus der Stadt.

    Am nächsten Morgen ging es dann weiter nach Thessaloniki, wo wir Freunde von Chris besuchten - Verrückter Abend, wir wurden von Hatzo mit seinem Motorrad in der Fußgängerzone empfangen, folgten ihm zum nächsten Getränkeladen, kauften ein paar Bier und endeten bei einer Heavy Metall Bandprobe in einem Keller...

    Bevor wir Griechenland verließen schlenderten wir leicht verkatert durch Thessaloniki, tranken ein paar Freddo-Cappuccino um wach zu werden und Kaufte Ordentlich Obst und Gemüse auf dem Markt.
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  • Day35

    That's Thessaloniki

    September 2, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    After two nights in Sofía, Bulgaria, we took a bus to Thessaloniki in Greece. The bus tour was led by a Bulgarian woman, who we affectionately named Svetlana. Svetlana didn’t speak much English and wore jeans a few sizes too small, and when she bent over she displayed her black, lacy G-string. Svetlana seemed quite angry – well, that’s the impression she gave us. Maybe she was just having a bad day (or maybe her G-string was too tight and her cork platforms too high).

    The five and half hour trip took us through some beautiful country scenery of Bulgaria. The scenery quickly changed as we entered Thessaloniki, which was full of graffiti and had a much dirtier appearance. It’s a shame to see that the city isn’t maintained and that even some of the ancient monuments are vandalised or overrun by stray cats.

    We stayed in the centre of the city and on our doorstep was the palace complex of the Roman Emperor Galerius, and just up the road was the entrance to the complex marked by the Arch of Galerius and the Roman Rotunda. A few minutes further down the road from the arch and rotunda, you stumble upon the Roman Forum. Ricky was like a kid in a candy store, while Jason was bored by the "old rocks", as he called them.

    The second day in Thessaloniki was Jason's birthday, and we celebrated it by wandering the streets, eating a baklava-like dessert filled with custard and a Greek-style donut. More steps were needed to burn off the excess calories. Dinner was spent at an Indian Restaurant that you needed the exact coordinates to find but it was well worth it.

    Next stop: Athens.

    See link below for video footage:
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  • Day19

    Across Greece to the finish!

    August 11, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

    The highways in Greece are modern and fast - being in the EU had its advantages. Gone were the narrow, winding roads with few guard rails and flocks of sheep and goats, replaced by fast four lane highways that went through the mountains instead of winding up and over them. It makes for a less interesting story, but the series of well lit 1-4km tunnels was a nice change. We made great time to Kalabaka. Switching over to the euro was nice, too: while in Albania few places took credit cards and we didn't want to get stuck with too many Lek after we left. We sort of nickel dimed our way through Girokaster so as not to have too much left over when we got to Greece.

    Kalabaka is a nice little town surrounded by mountains. The real draw of this place is a group of monasteries and convents built high atop rock pillars. In a broad sense, the geology looks similar to the southwestern United States, with mountains and sedimentary rock eroded away to form great pillars hundreds of feet high. Centuries ago, monks built monasteries atop these pillars to protect them from the Ottomans. Up until stairs were installed in the 1930s, the only way up were either giant ladders or hoists with nets. When you see them you can't help but wonder how they did it - getting all that brick, rock and wood up there to build these magnificent structures must have been a monumental task.

    The largest monestary is called Meterora, and it's definitely worth the excercise to get up there. James Bond fans will recognize Meteora for the cliff climbing, bad guy battling scene near the end of For Your Eyes Only. Once inside there are chapels with interesting but seriously violent artwork, wine making areas, terraces and a room filled with skulls, presumably from the monks that have lived there in the past.

    Another great way to see Meteora is from a distance, at sunset. Hundreds of people drove up the mountain, parked alongside the road and climbed out onto the rocks to see it. The color of the sky, surrounding mountains and people climbing to precipitous perches to witness it was quite a sight. Given the tranquility of the scene, the lack of guard rails and, in many places sheer cliffs, everyone was very polite and considerate.

    The next day we headed out for our final destination, Thessaloniki, Greece, where the rally would end and a big celebration was in store.

    We drive the first 2 hours, Vlora the Volvo loving the smooth highway she was designed for. There were three routes we could have taken and we chose the slightly longer, seaside route. We took a break on the drive for a beach side lunch and a nice little restaurant, with the Agean sea on one side and Mount Olympus on the other.

    With all it's beauty and culture, Greece is kind of funny in that they are receipt happy. Dodging taxes used to be the national sport here, but with recent austerity measures imposed by the EU they have employed a small army of roving tax inspectors that can strike at any time. If you got to a cafe and order a second drink, they don't add it to your tab - they give you another receipt for that round. When you go to pay, oftern you wind up with a pile of receipts that they add up at the register. Ask a guy directions on the street he gives you a receipt. Throw crumbs to pigeons, they give you a receipt... Not really, but that's how it felt.

    All the teams met at an outdoor restaurant for our last hoorah. It was a huge tapas style meal where we drove the waiters crazy, ordering dish after dish and drink after drink. Many toasts were made and everyone got a medal for being odd enough to decide this trip would make a good vacation.

    Aravind was our leader - he founded the Travel Scientists after taking a lot of crazy road trips through Europe and beyond. Look up the next time you're bored. On this Balkan run he brought his wife Gaitre and his adorable daughter, Benita, who in her young age is already a seasoned traveler. David Hope, another staff member came along as guide, friend, fixer and occasional drinking buddy.

    There were only three teams of paying customers on this run. At first we were a little dismayed at first to learn that they were all American as we'd had so much fun making friends from all over the world on the rickshw challenge in 2016. The great thing is that although we’re all Americans, very few of us were born there. We had Fady, Raja and Christo from Lebanon, Said from Pakistan, David from Scotland, Aravind and family from India, Steve from Canada and Jared, Colton and Pamela from America.

    Raja is a doctor and we were lucky to have him along the way. At one point our leader wound up in the hospital for a morning with a bad allergic reaction, and many of of us needed advice on food poisoning along the way and Raja was glad to help.

    Fady and Pamela are semi retired and are of on adventure after adventure. They had just completed the Central Asia Rally in their souped up Lexus SUV, complete with snorkel. Last year Fady and his friends bought a boat and sailed the Atlantic.

    'The Chillers'- Raja, Said, Christopher and Jared hadn't done a trip quite like this before but sailed through it with relative ease, keeping and open mind and enjoying the culture and insanity of some of the roads. A couple of them were headed directly to Jordan after the Rally. David headed to Georgia (not US state), Aravind and family headed back to their home in Budapest and Colton and I are on a plane to Chicago.

    While a trip like this is no walk on the beach, it's not really that hard if you keep an open mind, stifle your fear a bit and relax. Anyone can do if if they want it badly enough, and we think everyone that can, should. It's a big world out there and there are just too many great things to see and experience.

    We hoped you’ve enjoyed following us in our journey and encourage everyone to push themselves a bit out of there comfort zone for a new and exciting adventure. Until next time, Steve and Colton signing off.
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  • Day6


    August 9, 2016 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We wanted to go to the beach and decided to ask for suggestions in the hotel. At the end, we ended up on Tsairi, even though it was not on the list. It's a beautiful place, cca a half an hour away from the city centre by car and because we don't have a 4wd car, we walked for a jalf an hour through the sand for this beach.
    Worth it.
    No turists, only Greeks with 4x4 cars. And us. And a cup of greek coffee for me.
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  • Day5

    First Greek night

    August 8, 2016 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Our first night in Thessaloniki. It was beautiful - the city is very nice for evening walks, even though it's pretty crowded and the food and the beer were amazing. Can't wait for the beaches tomorrow.

  • Day64

    juhuu namal en tag mitenand

    November 9, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    Mir hend ois nacheme feine Zmittag z Vierte entschiede, das mer all zemme namal e Nacht i de nöchli bliibed, statt das sich oisi Wäg schowider tränned...
    Denn hemmer es gmüetlichs Plätzli am Meer gfunde und namal en richtig lässige letste Abig zämme ghaa! So spat simmer scho ewigs nümm is Bett :)

    Ou ja: de Domi isch freiwillig is Meer gange!
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  • Day2176


    August 27, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Korinth - Athen - Meteora (die Felsenklöster) -Thessaloniki - Kassandra (die 1. der drei Halbinseln)

    Einmal mehr ein wahnsinnig schönes Land kennengelernt. Berge, Flüsse, Meer, Inseln, sehr gutes Essen - Herz was willst du mehr?
    Ein besonderer Dank auch noch einmal an meine Gastgeber in Athen, Nadine & Vassilis, danke dass ihr mich so genial aufgenommen habt. Was gibts sonst noch zu sagen? - Griechenland ist "SUV-Motorrad" Land! Ich hab noch nie in meinem Leben so viele TDMs, Transalps, Africa Twins, Dominators, Varaderos, etc. gesehen wie hier. Die Griechen habens verstanden! ;)Read more

  • Day2176

    Nachtlager-Standortsuche á la Stefan

    August 27, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Zelt heute aus Neugier ob alles da ist, weils noch hell war & zu Übungszwecken zum ersten Mal aufgebaut. Danach: Brotzeit is de schenste Zeit!

    (vom Seitenständer gekippt während ich zu Fuß den Weg anschauen wollte 💩😌)

  • Day96

    Der harte Weg nach Thessaloniki

    July 20, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Nach drei wundervollen Tagen in unserem AirBnB in Athen (die Entscheidung und die Wahl der Wohnung war goldrichtig), sitzen wir jetzt wieder in unserem Finn und düsen weiter. Unser erster Stopp für heute ist IKEA, da Daniel unbedingt ein paar Improvements an unserem Van vornehmen möchte. Also marschieren wir in Athen noch in IKEA rein und genossen im Anschluss den obligatorischen Hotdog (wobei es hier in Griechenland keine Gürkchen und Zwiebeln als Topping gibt - "Was ist das?").

    Weiter ging es dann die Küste entlang in Richtung Norden und dann begann das Dilemma. Irgendwie haben wir kein Camp gefunden, was uns nur annähernd zum Verweilen angelacht hat. Sollte es das jetzt tatsächlich schon mit Griechenland nach gut zwei Wochen gewesen sein? Irgendwie hatten wir uns das tatsächlich etwas anders vorgestellt.

    Unsere erst Nacht wieder in Finn verbrachten wir auf einem der schlechtesten (im Nachhinein gesehen) Camps auf unserer gesamten Reise. Wahnsinn was für heruntergekommene Baracken als Camps angepriesen werden und dann werden noch 20,- Euro die Nacht verlangt, ohne Strom. Manchmal muss man wohl auf die Zähne beißen! Frühzeitig ging es am nächsten Morgen für uns weiter, einfach nur Kilometer runterreißen, jedoch wenn man so gut wie keine Autobahnen in Griechenland benutzt, ist dies wirklich schwierig. Immer wieder geht es enge Bergstraßen rauf und runter und man hat das Gefühl, man tritt auf der Stelle. Auch unser "Hilfe-Aufruf" in unserer Insta-Story, ob jemand einen netten Ort zum Verweilen zwischen Athen und Thessaloniki kannte, blieb ohne wirklich brauchbare Resonanz.

    So verbrachten wir auf unserem Weg nach Thessaloniki noch eine weitere Nacht auf einem Camp, welches nicht unsere erste Wahl in der Regel gewesen wäre. In Stomio trafen wir auf tausende von Dauercampern und bekamen in der hintersten Ecke des Platzes (wirklich in der letzten Ecke) noch einen Site zugewiesen. Irgendwie kamen wir uns ein wenig wie Aussätzige vor, aber auch hier waren wir uns sicher, es kommen auch wieder bessere Zeiten.

    Für die letzten Kilometer nach Thessaloniki entschieden wir uns schlussendlich doch die Autobahn zu nutzen und die Mautgebühren zu bezahlen. So waren wir bereits um kurz nach 12:00 Uhr in Thessaloniki - hier hatten wir uns erneut einen etwas anderen Schlafplatz ausgesucht und können sagen Preis-Leistung ist mehr als in Ordnung. Es kostet nämlich nix. Über Park4night hatten wir den Camper Stop Thessaloniki - Zampetas gefunden - wenn ihr verkehrsgünstig, sehr einfach und vor allen Dingen kostenlos stehen wollt, eine ganz klare Empfehlung. Der Camper Stop Zampetas ist ein Campingzubehörshop/Werkstatt und hier werden ca. 10 Stellplätze auf dem Areal kostenlos inkl. WiFi, einer einfachen türkischen Toilette und einer Dusche angeboten. Für uns war der Service (tolle Beratung in Bezug auf unser Sightseeing in Thessaloniki) und was uns geboten wurde nach den letzten Plätzen ein kleiner Lichtblick.

    Wir konnten direkt im Shop das passende Bus-Ticket für den Bus (Haltestelle direkt vor der Türe) kaufen und fuhren mit dem Bus ins Zentrum von Thessaloniki. Da wir nicht wirklich eine Idee hatten, was wir uns anschauen wollten, schlenderten wir einfach mal drauflos. Unser erster Anlaufpunkt war der "Weiße Turm" direkt am Meer. Im Anschluss ließen wir uns treiben, besichtigten noch die ein oder andere Kirche und stillten unseren Hunger erneut mit einem köstlichen Pita.

    Da wir für nur ca. 2,- Euro mehr pro Person auch mit der Fähre von Thessaloniki nach Peraia (durch die Bucht) fahren konnten, nutzen wir natürlich die Möglichkeit und genossen den Sonnenuntergang und unsere zuvor gekauften Kaltgetränke auf dem Deck. Für einen Kurzbesuch ist Thessaloniki wirklich okay, uns hat persönlich Athen aber besser gefallen. Dort gibt es einfach mehr Highlights.
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  • Day65


    November 10, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Mir waged ois ines wiiters Stedtli, wills det en Selbstbedienigswöschruum het. Sit mim Bierunfall hemmer nümme richtig chönne wäsche... upsii
    mer bringed 3 wöschmaschine voll :)

    Mer finded dasmal nid wüki es schöns Plätzli und schlaafed am Meer zue zwüschet Abfall und Dornezügs (so viel, das mer nachem Spaziere öppe 10 Dorne i jedem Schue gha hend... d Cuni hets dementsprechend au nidsoo lustig gfunde)Read more

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