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  • Day9

    Took an hour long train to Nagatsugawa and a 15 minute taxi in Megome. After dropping the bags for transport to the town we will stay at for the night, we started on the 6 mile hike through the mountains in Nagano Prefecture.

    They are having a heat wave here (around 10F above normal) after rains which caused major flooding in the southwest of the country. So the heat index today was around 100F today. We were prepared but we were HOT.

    Even so, it was such a treat to walk this beautiful road that has been in use for at least a thousand years. There were farms, private homes, lots of little shrines, and running water everywhere.

    We pulled into Tsugome around 2 and grabbed a lunch of cold soba noodles and a treat of shaved ice with melon syrup, strawberry syrup or condensed milk on top.

    Then we checked into the adorable Ryokan Fujioto in Tsugome for a shower and rest.
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  • Day9

    Ryokan Fujioto

    Yesterday in Japan

    This ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) is beautiful, with wood everywhere and a gorgeous common garden. We immediately took showers in the singke bathroom for the whole inn. It's a huge room that you block of for yourself - it has an onsen bath in there but we were roasting already, so we just got clean, jumped in our cool cotton yukutas and rested up before dinner.

  • Day9

    Dinner at Ryokan Fujioto

    Yesterday in Japan

    Dinner was fantastic - 9 different local dishes introduced by our sweet Japanese server with a lot of smiling, bowing and some follow-up questions from us.

    When we were planning this trip, I was a bit worried Alex would have trouble at meals like this. But as we have seen him do on other trips, he gets into the spirit of things and stretches himself instinctively. Tonight he ate pretty much everything, with the exception of mushrooms and the wasp larvae. Hard to blame him for that.

    The meal was very much about local food, which was very cool, but it was also very inventive and beautiful. This was a really special meal.
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  • Day78

    Magome & Tsumago

    April 16 in Japan

    Warum einfach, wenn’s auch kompliziert geht 😄: nachdem wir gehört hatten, dass es auf unserer Route von Tokyo nach Kyoto eine super Wanderung geben soll, haben wir uns spontan zu einer kleinen Detour entschieden. Erstmal ging’s mit dem Shinkansen los um dann auf halber Strecke nach Kyoto in Nagoya auszusteigen, unsere Rucksäcke am Bahnhof einzuschließen und in Richtung Japanische Alpen umzusteigen. Knapp 2 Stunden und eine weitere Busfahrt später kamen wir im verschlafene Örtchen Magome, dem Startpunkt unser kleinen Wanderung, an. Hier ist die Zeit wirklich noch in der Edo-Periode stehen geblieben und vom Trubel Tokyos ist man ganz weit entfernt. Die 7,5 km auf dem alten Nakasendo Postweg nach Tsumago konnten wir durch Wälder und kleine Siedlungen bergauf, bergab, fast allein und bei bestem Sonnenschein genießen. Alle paar Meter musste man eine Glocke ganz laut läuten um Bären zu verjagen 🙈. Nachdem wir noch einer Schlange auf dem Weg begegnet sind, haben wir dann Pause in einem ganz kleinen Teehaus gemacht - der Besitzer der kein Wort englisch sprach hat ganz süß für uns und ein japanisches Ehepaar ein altes Lied gesungen und uns grünen Tee ausgeschenkt. Auch wenn wir kaum miteinander sprechen konnten, haben wir uns alle prima verstanden 😄 Im Örtchen Tsumago angekommen sind wir gleich ins nächste Teehaus, haben spannende japanische Süßigkeiten aus Kastanien probiert und sind dann wieder mit Taxi, Bus und Bahn zurück zu unserem Gepäck und weiter zum eigentlichen Ziel Kyoto. Ein anstrengender aber wunderschöner Reisetag der sich so gelohnt hat! Und vor allem: eine planerische Meisterleistung von Benni 😊.Read more

  • Day88


    April 26 in Japan

    Durch das verschobene Alpine Crossing hatten wir nur eine Nacht in Matsumoto. Benni, leicht kaputt nach der langen Tour, hat es nach unserer Ankunft gerade noch geschafft sich die Schuhe auszuziehen bevor er auf der Tatami-Matte zusammengebrochen ist und lange nicht zu wecken war 😁. Am Abend haben wir dann die Stadt noch ein wenig erkundet und sind durch die Straßen gezogen. Matsumoto hat eine wunderschöne Burg und Gott sei Dank haben wir für Lisa auch einen hervorragenden Sushi-Laden gefunden, welcher seit über 40 Jahren noch immer von einem heute Mitte 70-jährigen japanischem Ehepaar geführt wird (Gott sei Dank sprach die Tochter ein wenig Englisch). Die Frau ist dazu noch eine der sehr wenigen weiblichen Sushi-Chefs, die es in Japan gibt. Ein wirklich besonderer und schöner Abend, die Japaner sind nicht kleinzukriegen...bewundernswert!Read more

  • Day12

    Meeting the Scouts in Nagano!

    July 26, 2015 in Japan

    We arrived, hot tired and sweaty (I think this will be a theme of our trip!) to be greeted by the scouts of Nagano. After thanking our bus driver and interpreter with gifts of Welsh fudge and love spoons we prepared to meet our home stay families...

    Mr Ando greeted us with a warm welcome from the Japanese scouts and Martin returned the favour with a speech in three different languages - the interpreter was rather puzzled when Martin began speaking Welsh!

    After a slightly shaky rendition of Calon Lan (sorry Brenda and John!!) and a much better version of It's Not Unusual, we met up with our host families to begin our journey to their homes... The scouts staying in Tateshina have a full on day planned tomorrow including visiting a high school to make links, a Japanese cooking lesson and some Japanese Mallet Golf!

    All of the unit have been asked to keep a diary over the next couple of days so as soon as we can we'll get individual stories up on the blog!
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  • Day14

    Martin and Lee's HoHo!

    July 28, 2015 in Japan

    First evening in Japan was a really interesting one. Having seen off the Unit with their hosts our hosts Yoichi and Kyoko suggested a run up into the mountains where it would be cooler, reassuring us it was warm for them too. On the journey up Kyoko asked if Lee and I were up for a challenge. Like all good Scouters we answered yes before hearing the challenge; which turned out to be a visit to a traditional public bath house. No backing down now. We visited a charming waterfall. Where the air was cooler, even if the water was emerging from the rock at 11 degrees Celsius. (Sorry, boring geological details but appeals to the mineral surveyor in me). Then back in the very quiet and air conditioned people carrier, bliss! 15 minutes later we pulled up at this smart place looks like a golf club. We realised we were not going to play a round when Kyoko opens the boot and hands us a towel, flannel, disposal razor and toothbrush. Off we go for our first experience of a traditional Japanese bath house. Our blushes spared when we realised with relief it was segregated bathing but an experience not to be missed.

    This was followed by our first meal in proper Japanese restaurant at the spa. As the light faded we experienced our first real taste of Japan. After we journeyed on to our hosts home, very traditional and you can see the view of our hosts garden this morning that greeted me after a great night of full sleep.

    Day two of our Ho-Ho experience began early with breakfast. English breakfast with a Japanese twist. A side order of rice, soy sauce and miso soup. After breakfast, off to meet the mayor of Ueda for a special reception. All the Unit members in the Ueda area were there and it was great to hear that they had all had a great first night experience.

    Coincidence or good planning; I'll leave you decide? But the last time Welsh Scouts received Ho-Ho in Japan was after the 1991 World Jamboree in South Korea and they were hosted by Ueda. I even knew one of the leaders and have a present for him from an old Japanese friend.

    After that Lee and I were whisked away to meet Joichi, our hosts son. Joichi had been part of the Japanese contingent to the centenary world Jamboree in 2007. Off to lunch in an authentic Sushi Restaurant. For a man who likes his fish fried and battered, Lee battled on but we both agreed sea urchin is unlikely to catch on back home.

    With temperatures soaring to 37 degrees Joichi suggested a drive up into the mountains where it would be cooler! At a balmy 28 degrees Celsius Joichi took us on a 4 mile walk to a famous Shinto shrine. Only on the way back down did he tell us that this was black bear country. To prove the point on the way down he showed us a sign that stated, just 24 hours to he minute to the time we reached the shrine a black bear had been sighted and shooed off. He wasn't kidding but today no bears just Kyoko, his mother, waiting with a bamboo flavoured ice cream.
    Then off down the mountain and a visit to Japan's largest Buddhist temple, Zenjoki.

    Later we had time for dinner in Nagano city and a small tempura restaurant. Really different and all cooked to order. As we were experienced bathers now, Kyoko and Joichi had arranged a visit to a private natural Onsen at a swish hotel. You could instantly tell it was a natural spring by the water's sulphurous odour. Tired, but very clean, our short time in Ueda has come to a close having learnt much about Japanese culture and ways.

    We certainly think we hit the spirit of a number of programme zones today - spiritual and adventure - with our excursion into bear country!
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  • Day12

    The start of HoHo

    July 26, 2015 in Japan

    The two Ollies here reporting from our Hoho in Tateshina.
    After being introduced to our family, and saying some quick goodbyes to our fellow Kimonos, we were wisked away through beautiful alpine surroundings to the local shopping centre where we purchased some of our dinner - authentic japanese cuisine ranging from store made Sushi to home grown vegetables.
    An enjoyable time was had by all over dinner: Learning how to use chopsticks properly, teaching the differences between the English and the Welsh and trying a wide variety of tastes and textures. Needless to say we didnt like them all - the plums were particularly sour!
    We finished the evening with a private firework display and a first attempt at Japanese private bathing.
    Time to get some sleep now, the jet lag is catching up with us!
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  • Day13

    Tateshina HoHo team!

    July 27, 2015 in Japan

    The group of Kimono Dragons who are on HoHo in the beautiful Tateshina gathered this morning with their families to meet the Mayor of Tateshina. We were gifted fans with the Tateshina mascot on and were asked to go back and visit should we come to Japan again.
    We then travelled to a junior high school where we joined a grade 8 English lesson and played games with the students. Ollie B and Becky's group asked if they were boyfriend and girlfriend and of course were in disbelief when she said she was a teacher!
    Now to make some SOBA!
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