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  • Day112

    Puerto Escondido Bioluminescent Bday

    February 21 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    So it ended up being my birthday here in Mexico (its not all about me, but was for this one day only lol 😂) zach surprised me with some lovely jewellery that he bought way back when we were in Ecuador 🇪🇨 and the story goes I was chillin by the beach while he went off for a 'hair cut' in Montañita! I loved the jewellery and proceeded to wear it all day on my birthday of course! 2 women (Helen from the UK and Niaomi from Rotterdam) we met in our hostel (Paziflora) overheard us at breakfast talking about what to do for my birthday, so decided there and then we we're all to meet in the evening for beers in the lovely hostel garden... After our tour to the bioluminescent lagoon!! 😊👌 Perfect! It was a heavy night of many beers and chatting until the early hours of sunrise and birds tweeting around us (including the hostels parraket 'Nino' 🐦😍). Anyway the bioluminescent lagoon was amazing, even though we couldn't get photos of the luminescent algae, we were able to swim in the dark of the evening with them! We took a boat out down the lagoon rivers around 8pm, and the stars were soo vivid, we've never seen anything like it! As we got to the sides of the mangrove trees all around the river edge, we saw the water light up as the tour guide stopped the boat and stamped his feet! The algae started to glow brightly. This is a defence mechanism when they are scared, but as a result glowing under water only attacts the sardines to eat them, so there for the sardines start to glow too! ...ahh natures way! 🙄 It was something we had both never seen before, as we jumped into the water the algae glowed around us, the more you moved, the move they glowed in the water and on us! 😀 We spent about 30mins in the water splashing around making the algae glow, as we got back on the boat our swimwear still glowed like pieces of glitter when you touched it! A great experience not to be forgotten.. Or photographed lol👌😍. When we got back to the hostel thats when the party started for my birthday, even with a little cake and a birthday song sang in Spanish / English... We tried lol 😂. Zach also cooked us some amazing faijas that day in-between our chilling and lagoon tour...why not as they have the best ingredients for them in Mexico 🇲🇽 😊😉Read more

  • Day108

    Christmas in the mountains

    December 24, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Our Christmas started with a breakfast of dry bread - unfortunately the only bread we could get in town. At least it was filling, so we were ready to hit the road again. The first part of rolling and pretty exhausting. Plus, as a Christmas present, I got bit by one of the wild dogs - right in the ankle. (For some reason, dogs always go after me, never after Herbert) Luckily, the bite wasn't too deep, so it could be fixed with desinfection spray and plasters. What a start into the day...
    However, it could only get better. Our route continued with a continuous climb up into the mountains. The views were amazing and not much traffic either. We had a lunch stop with a view - unfortunately with that dry bread again. But afterwards, it was only a few kilometers left to our destination: San Jose del Pacifico. It's a cute mountain village with some tourists, but not too many. We really like it and started with a beer on the sun deck, followed by a great Christmas dinner, the sunset and a final beer and regional chocolate in our cabin. Not a bad Christmas after all... Merry Christmas everyone!
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  • Day107

    Changing plans

    December 23, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    After our experience in Oaxaca, we changed our plans. Originally, we were going to see some tourist attractions around Oaxaca. But after we saw how many tourists were in the city, we decided to skip it and just go on. I have seen the places 13 years ago and neither of us enjoys sightseeing with a crowd of 1000+ people. The second change is concerning the route. We were going to go North from Oaxaca through the Sierra Norte to head into the state of Veracruz. But we talked to some people and they strongly advised us to take the Southern route through Chiapas in order to get to Palenque. So we are now on our way South towards the Pacific again. Along the highway 175, there are also some cabins, so we should fine a nice mountain retreat for Christmas. Today started well with a nice and easy ride through a high valley. Unfortunately, I had eaten something bad, so we had to stop in Ejutla after only 61km, as I couldn't go on. After some rest in a nice and clean hotel, I feel better again, so tomorrow I should be back on the bike.Read more

  • Day110

    100km of climbing

    December 26, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    We got up really early as we had a long and tough day ahead of us. This enabled us to watch the sunrise as the Huatulco sign - totally planned (NOT)... The route was tough from the beginning and started with lots of steep rolling. We passed some nice and clean looking rivers. Although they looked tempting for a swim, we didn't have time for a longer stop unfortunately. At some stage, we completed the first 100.000m of climbing on our trip - so 100km vertical. We had originally calculated with about 250.000m for the whole trip. Pretty sure we'll have to climb more than that 😯 we also realized that our bike computer is no made for this kind of tour. It is limited to 5 digits, so jumped back to 0 after 99.999m...
    The road kept rolling for the rest of the day until we got to Salina Cruz. 30km before our destination, headwinds came on top. We also had to fill up water twice during the day, as it was so hot. So when we finally reached a small hotel after 148km and 1697m elevation gain, we were totally tired. A quick tour to the market where we bought as much food as we could carry to fill up calories - and back to the hotel for dinner. Time to sleep now!
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  • Day105

    Same same but different

    December 21, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Same highway, same amazing mountain views, but unfortunately more traffic and strong headwinds all day today. We also had to climb a lot on a rolling road in bad condition. So when we arrived in Asuncion Nochixtlan after 95km and over 1600m elevation gain, we were both pretty exhausted.
    Nonetheless, we spend some time on the local market as we needed to buy food for dinner. It's actually great fun as we usually try out some local specialties we find during shopping. Usually, I talk to the vendors while Herbert has 2 tasks. One is to hand the vendors our own bags. In order to reduce the amount of plastic bags, we always reuse ours. However, the people here usually have some bags right next to them, so it's always a challenge to be quick enough handing ours to them before they already grab theirs. Herbert's second task is to carry the bags, so I have my hands free to check the quality of the fruits and vegetables. After many days of practice, we are now pretty good at market shopping I think.
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  • Day106


    December 22, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Today, we took the cuota to Oaxaca. It was a lot of rolling, but luckily more downhill than uphill. The only problem was the dirty shoulder we had to use. We were actually expecting at least one flat tyre again, but seems we were lucky. Along the highway, some Mexicans sold wooden toys, mainly trucks and cars. Interesting place to sell those kind of stuff we thought.
    Once we arrived in Oaxaca, we were a bit shocked in a way. There were soooo many people, Mexicans as well as tourists. Hard to believe it's the same city I went to language school 13 years ago.... It's still a stunning place with colourful colonial architecture. And of course, we bumped into a parade again. After some exploring amd shopping in the market, we enjoyed a quiet meal in our hostel. We went for another walk into the centre when it was dark. It looked nice with all the lights, but after a while we decided it was too busy for us. What a difference to all the little villages we came passed the last few days.
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  • Day109

    Vamos a la playa turistica

    December 25, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    As we spent Christmas Eve in the mountains, we wanted to be at the coast on Christmas Day. The route was one of the best we've cycled so far. We passed tiny mountain villages, enjoyed stunning views and curvy downhills. So we stopped quite often to take photos. We also had some steep climbs in between, so in the end, it took us longer than expected to get to the coast. Instead of going to a smaller village further along the coast, we decided to stay in Huatulco. Kind of a bad choice, as it's full of tourists at this time of the year and available hotel rooms are scarce and totally overpriced. It took us quite long to find an adequate room. Also, when we checked out the beach, we didn't feel like swimming anymore because of the crowds. So we just bought some food, cooked dinner and called it a night.
    At our hotel, we met Ivan, a Brazilian cyclists who had cycled from Canada to Mexico so far. He gave us some advice about biking in Central America which will for sure be quite useful in the future.
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  • Day111

    Puerto Escondido... Beach time again!

    February 20 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Yes we're at the beach again, 3 days of city and we're back to relaxing 😂 this morning we walked from our hostel to a local beach called Puerto Angelito, it was about a 10min walk down and it was absolutely beautiful, the tide was rough here but perfectly good for swimming in, the water was so clear and really warm... Good for snorkeling too👌🤗💦 We also had some amazing mexican seafood here, fish tacos and prawn enchiladas 😋😋 with lots of picante 🌶 of course!Read more

  • Day22

    Puerto Escondido

    February 23 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Nach Mexico City und Teotihuacán ging es nun weiter nach Puerto Escondido.
    Dies ist das erste Mal Strand und Sonne auf unserer Reise.

    Unser Hostel war direkt am Strand. Die Küche, Bar und Gemeinschaftsraum waren unter einem riesigen offenem Strohdach. Und unser Zimmer war ein Strandhütte mit ebenfalls einem Strohdach. Für die Unterkunft geben wir schon mal 10 Punkte.
    Jedoch waren die weiteren Gästen und Mitarbeiten ein wenig speziell.
    Sie haben Ihr Leben komplett dem Surferlifestyle gewidmet. Andauernd stieg uns Marihuana Geruch in die Nase. Und die Stimmung war immer sehr gechillt.
    Somit waren wir gezwungen unseren Lebensrythmus ebenfalls anzupassen.
    5 Tage relaxten wir zwischen Bekifften Surfern, Strand und Pool. 😁


    Après Mexico et Teotihuacán, nous sommes allés à Puerto Escondido.
    C'est la première fois que la plage et le soleil sont de la partie lors de notre voyage.

    Notre auberge se trouvait directement à la plage. La cuisine, le bar et la salle commune se trouvaient sous un immense toit en paille ouvert. Et notre chambre était une cabane de plage avec également un toit en paille. Pour le logement, nous donnons déjà 10 points.
    Mais les autres invités et le personnel étaient un peu spéciaux.
    Ils ont entièrement consacré leur vie au style de vie des surfeurs. L'odeur de la marijuana montait constamment dans notre nez. Et l'ambiance était toujours très détendus.
    Nous avons donc été obligés d'ajuster notre rythme de vie également.
    Pendant 5 jours, nous nous sommes détendus entre surfeurs défoncés, plage et piscine.😁
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  • Day841

    Above the sun

    November 7, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    2.600 Meter hoch in den Bergen und trotzdem kann man der Sonne dabei zuschauen, wie sie im Meer versinkt. Die grandiose Lichtshow geht über Stunden und färbt den Himmel in den atemberaubendsten Rottönen. Der Mond auf der anderen Seite gibt der Sonne ein Gutenachtküsschen und die Planeten Venus, Jupiter, Saturn bilden eine Brücke über den Himmel.

    Daneben stehen Hikes und Naturmeditationen an und ein ganz privates Temazcal. Da verkraftet man die kalten Nächte doch sehr gut.
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