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  • Day7

    Washington, UT

    July 21 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Mit vielen tollen Bildern ging die Fahrt weiter zu unserem Hotel nach Washington, UT. Der Weg führte von Nevada über eine kurze Strecke in Arizona und schliesslich in den Bundesstaat Utah. Schon am Morgen zeigte das Thermometer über 40 °C an und es blieb während des ganzen Tages so heiss.
    Die wunderschöne Landschaft sorgte für eine kurzweilige Fahrt.
    Für einen späten Zmittag bzw. frühen Znacht legten wir kurz vor Washington einen Stopp ein, um im Olive Garden in St. George zu essen.
    Da Washington in eineren anderen Zeitzone ist, war auf der Uhr bereits eine Stunde später als unser Gefühl uns sagte.
    Nach dem Check-in und einer kurzen Verschnaufpause, musste noch einmal etwas Zeit für Shopping sein.
    Den Abend liessen wir am und im Hotelpool gemütlich ausklingen.
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  • Day15

    Auf und ab

    May 16 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Frühstück mit echtem Geschirr
    Konnten schon Mittag unser Zimmer beziehen. Ein günstiges Motel und gut.
    Die Wanderung am Fluss entlang im Zion NP
    Kampf einer Klapperschlange mit einem Streifenhörnchen beobachtet

    Sind nach Navi großen Umweg gefahren, aber tolle total andere Landschaft mit Schneeresten erlebt.
    Der Zion NP war total überfüllt und chaotisch aber
    wegen einer Menschenansammlung sind wir auf die Klapperschlange aufmerksam geworden, die sich gegen ein wütendes Squirll verteidigen musste.
    Das war mal ein nicht so toller Tag, aber wir sind von den vielen Eindrücken ein bisschen übersättigt.
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    Michael Grimm

    Es klappert mir ihrer Klapper die Klapperschlang, bis ihre Klapper schlaff erklang

    Kristine Schmitt

    Ups! Es ist erst Mai und schon so crowded. Wie sieht es dann wohl in den Sommerferien aus?

    Jutta Urlau

    Das möchten wir nicht wissen🤨, und es war Montag

  • Day30

    Zion National Park - Angel's Landing

    May 8 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    La veille nous avons changé de campement et simplement profité du beau temps. On a aussi préparé notre prochaine étape : Zion National Park. Pour se faire, on a participé (et remporté) une loterie pour avoir accès à une randonnée prisée : Angel's Landing. Notre entrée dans Zion s'est faite à l'est à un bout du parc, ce qui nous a permis de le traverser. Une fois rentrés les paysages changent brusquement et on se retrouve entouré de hautes montagnes lisses et arrondies comme si elles avaient été brossées par un pinceau, avec des changements de couleurs du orange vers le blanc. Le parc est organisé de sorte que toutes les voitures se garent au visitor center pour que les touristes soient guidés ensuite par des navettes gratuites à travers le parc. Julien fait une première randonnée en fin de matinée pendant que Grégoire se renseigne sur celle prévue le lendemain, dans le même parc. On se retrouve à un arrêt de navette pour déjeuner rapidement avant d'entamer notre randonnée phare, munis de notre permis d'accès. La première partie est très accessible avec un sentier goudronné bien aménagé : le West Rim trail. Arrivés au bout commence alors Angel's Landing. Le sentier disparaît et laisse place à de simples chaînes pour se tenir en flan de montagne. Le tracé en aller retour nous fait marcher sur la crête de la montagne, nous offrant une vue à pic dans la vallée des deux côtés. Mieux vaut ne pas avoir le vertige. Au fur et à mesure la montée est de plus en plus raide et s'apparente autant à de l'escalade que de la marche. Le vent souffle de plus en plus fort, chargé de sable. Arrivés en haut la vue est saisissante sur toute la vallée. La redescente se fait plus facilement. On ressort en fin de journée du parc par le sud jusqu'à une zone pour camper. A cause des rafales soufflant toujours, on mange dans la voiture et on se couche de bonne heure, déjà impatients du lendemain.Read more

    Christophe ROULLE

    ah oui ! effectivement ! ça souffle !

    Christine Lemoine

    Quel tableau !!!!! 😍

    Christine Lemoine

    Quelle belle aventure partagée 💕

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  • Day5

    Day 5 - Zion National Park, Part 2

    September 15, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 36 °C

    After a dedicated 'chill' morning, we eventually packed up and left our RV home. This time the day before we had been travelling/hiking for over 2.5 hours! Searching for brunch spots proved almost as challenging as Walter's Wiggles (ok, maybe not, but we did strike out twice - google fail). Eventually we found a place on the outskirts of Zion. The property was 700 acres and employeed many locals. The view was lovely but we were the only people there besides the revolving door of employees rotating in for their lunches. Three delicious local bison burgers later and we hit the road once more for Zion. The gate attendant wasn't optimistic that we would find parking at the visitor center this 'late' in in the day and gave us a few other suggestions. Thankfully we found a spot on our second pass and even better it was in the shade!

    As we were approaching the shuttles we heard some bad news: only an hour or two before, a landslide had caused a road block beyond 6th stop. The Narrows was stop 9 :(. Unfortunately it sounded like some people were injured during the slide, and they weren't sure when it would be open. Thankful to God for keeping us safe this far on the journey. (Later update: a woman had been injured in The Narrows by a minor rockfall. Thankfully non life-threatening injuries, but it had happened only an hour before we had planned to be there)

    And so we headed to the Emerald Pools. Personally, I think Olive might be a more apt name, but they were certainly beautiful, especially contrasted against the red sandstone and green foliage. Pool 1 was situated at the bottom of a vast crescent of sandstone, over which water from Pool 2 drifted in a delightful mist.

    The second pool was up a series of stairs and with our muscles a little tired from AL yesterday, we took it pretty slow. Chains along the cliff edge prevented curious tourists from getting too close to the slick edge where some have tragically fallen.

    Emerald Pool the third was indeed the green jewel its name suggested. Despite the large number of people gathered around its small rocky shore, the sanctity of the place elicited mostly whispers. In fact, it was an ethereal experience sitting among fellow adventurers awed into silence by the beauty and peace of this oasis.
    Swallows flew tirelessly to and fro across the stunning blue sky which was framed by a vast cliff. This was the perfect place to be still and remember our Creator.

    The landslide still hadn't been cleared by the time we returned to the shuttle stop at Zion Lodge. But a large (and very rare) patch of shaded green glass was calling. While resting and starting this blog, five deer (including two fawns) slowly made their way over to graze. They were unperturbed at the tourist paparazzi as they enjoyed their lunch.

    On our way back down the canyon we stopped off at the 'Patriarchs': three peaks (yep, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob) bathed in the setting rays of the sun. On our way back out of Zion, every single turn in the road produced a new wave of wonder. While the sun was setting the canyon walls on fire, the rising moon graced the tops of the distant peaks. This park is indelibly etched in our minds as one of the most stunning places we've experienced.

    Farewell Zion. You represented your namesake well. May we see all of you in the real one soon.
    - Becky & Nomes, with photos from Cilla
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    David Brierley

    Zion was the name given by the Mormons whose eponymous book claims that the lost 10 tribes landed in the Americas - which is the promised land!

    Nomes Pitcher

    I appreciate the history! I did know that about the 'promised land' but didn't make the connection to Zion!

    Julianne Pitcher


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  • Day4

    Day 4 Angel's Landing - Part 2

    September 14, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    I found a perch on the edge of the cliff and admired the views with the quickly rising sun. I made lots of friends, mostly other who had decided they didn't want to go further, and we waited together for our friends and loved ones to safely return. It was throughly enjoyable and the time melted away even with the increasing temperature. I 'coo-eed' often, but my Australian friends were either too far, or their hands were tightly fastened around a chain and I didn't hear any replies for quite some time.

    Becky quickly disappeared from sight behind us as we scrambled away on the chain-assisted climb up to Angel's Landing (AL 😉). There were quite a few people coming down the single file trail and this meant a lot of polite negotiating, assisting hands, trust and patience. Actually a lovely parable for our walk to the Kingdom!

    The hike itself was more of a full body climb at times, and our legs were burning by the end, but it was so worth the effort. Cilla and I dubbed ourselves the clowns of the trail, making jokes, poking fun at each other loudly, laughing and chatting with other adventurers. It was a blast. We felt 'in the groove' and our running commentary and banter helped keep our minds off the potentially deadly outcome of a slip. Honestly the scariest parts were watching others climb and scramble!

    We eventually came out to 'The Spine' - a rock ledge that has a 2 foot wide flat section to walk across with sloped sides leading to 950+ feet of nothing. There are no chains here, but the scattered trees and bushes on the top make it seem not so scary. A beehive shaped rocky outcrop rose from the end of the spine, so of course we had to climb that to become the highest people at AL.

    The view from the landing was breathtaking: the brightly coloured Aztec sandstone cliffs stretched away into the distance. The green, snaking Virgin River was no more than a sparkling ribbon winding through the canyon. California Condors swooped and soared, their 6 foot wingspan embracing the thermals as they cruised around us, probably wondering what a crowd of two-legs were doing in their 'heavenly' territory. We certainly felt a little like angels, looking down on a tiny world, empowered by God's stunning creation. It was majestic to stand there and think of the incredible forces that shaped the earth, how small we are, and yet how God has called us all and wants us in His even more awesome Kingdom! Such a blessing.

    We sat for a snack at the edge of the landing (no, Ma, our feet weren't dangling over the edge of the ~1000 foot drop 😊). Cilla's camera lens cap slipped from her fingers at one point and rolled merrily away towards the abyss. We resignedly watched it go, delighted then when it fell into a small crevice. Of course, I scrambled down to retrieve it. We could have stayed up there all day, but our stomachs and knowledge of Becky's waiting eventually turned us towards the relative safety of Scout's Landing.

    I think this will go down in my personal history as my favourite hike of all time. I was so glad Cilla did it with me and although big-sister-scared of her getting 'too near' the edge for photos, I was also 'big-sister-proud' of her courage and fortitude (what a great word 😉). I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much without her. (Cilla: Not going to lie, I definitely surprised myself by getting to angels landing! When Nomes first sent me the link to this hike I had two thoughts : 1) she's crazy and 2) there is NO way I'm doing that! Let's just say, I'm really glad I did. This will also go down in history as my favourite, most intense and most stunning viewed-hike of all time!)

    We were overjoyed to hear and respond to Becky's 'cooee' as we neared Scout's Landing where she regaled us with her tales of entertaining everyone who passed. On our way back down Walter's Wiggles and the rest of the foot-numbing, knee-jarring trail, she made it her duty to inform every climber of the distance and time to their next stop, while Cilla encouraged them all.

    For the stats lover (i.e.probably just me 😉), we ascended/descended a total of 3000 feet (914 m), and covered 5 miles (8 km), although they all felt vertical. Our step count was a combined 40,500 (prob'ly a few more for Cilla 😜) and we'd spent 6 hours experiencing this jewel in Zion's crown.

    We were exhausted, so after lunch and a wander through the visitor centre, we headed back to our RV home to chill and recover. Tomorrow we are back to Zion, Godwilling to explore The Narrows.
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    Antonia Giordano

    That does look a bit bonkers.

    Nomes Pitcher

    bonkersly amazing :)

    Nathan Giordano


    Nomes Pitcher

    let's do it again, together!

    Cilla Tuckson

    This was rock climbing on a whole different level, you guys would've loved it! We definitely have to come back and do it together one day!

    Nathan Giordano


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  • Day170

    Red Cliffs and Zion

    June 4 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Heading north out of Vegas our first stop was at a little state park called Red Cliffs and it really did live up to its name. Amazing red rock cliffs rise up either side of a very dry river bed. Just next to the parking lot is a fossilised Dinosaurs foot print embedded in the rock, not a big T-Rex but still pretty cool to see it.

    We spent the night back in the van in a campsite just south of the Zion National Park. This campsite is a lot busier than the first one we slept in and we can see from up close the bus size motorhome that we drive past on the road. The winner of the day is a motorhome that tows a pickup truck that has a buggy on top of it! 🚍🛻🚙
    Zion is a really well organised park that stretches up through the Zion Canyon, lots of well maintained trails and a shuttle bus to ferry everyone up to the trail heads and limit the impact of the Cars.

    The following day we started with the middle and lower emerald pool walks, slightly underwhelming, the water was green with algae rather than natural minerals but the scenery was outstanding. Onwards to the main event, the Narrows. A trail which leads straight up the Virgin river, sometimes up to waist deep as you move through the Canyon, sometimes over 100 meters of sheer cliff on either side. Really a natural wonder and phenomenal to see, even the view from our campsite is pretty spectacular, I don't think we'll ever tire of the desert mountains.
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    Jessica Duran

    Wow! Looks so beautiful!!!!

    Gaëlle Huitric

    the rocks have very Nice colours

    Gaëlle Huitric


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  • Day67

    Zion national park

    May 30 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Après avoir installé notre super panneau solaire qui nous rend presque entièrement autonome, direction Zion, un parc très réputé et apprécié des Américains.

    On arrive effectivement dans le fond d’un large canyon, entourés de grands massifs rocheux qui nous dominent et semblent nous surveiller : ils ont des noms comme « the watchman », « the patriarch courtyard »…

    Le parc de Zion est fermé à la circulation en voiture et on comprend vite pourquoi : le parc est victime de son succès !
    Il y a bien plus de monde que dans les précédents parcs que nous avons visités. Il faut dire que nous sommes aussi lundi férié du Mémorial Week-end donc il y a pas mal de monde en vadrouille.

    Heureusement, tout est évidemment très bien organisé : une navette gratuite se charge de faire le trajet dans le parc et propose un système Hop on Hop off.
    Le parc est aussi un terrain de jeu idéal pour les cyclistes avec pas ou peu de circulation, des routes goudronnées et des pistes cyclables.

    Nous passerons 3 jours à Zion, altérant balades à pied et trajets à vélo pour le plus grand plaisir des enfants qui s’éclatent sur leurs 2 roues.

    Une de nos balades nous amènera à Scouts lookout, au pied du massif d’Angel’s landing. La fin de cette rando, pour arriver à Angel’s landing, n’est accessible qu’avec un permis pour en limiter l’accès. Mais je ne l’aurais jamais fait : il s’agit d’un kilomètre à marcher sur une crête avec une falaise à pic d’un côté et de l’autre. Vraiment vertigineux !

    Ava et moi ferons également une petite balade à cheval d’une heure au pied des monstres de granite. Balade sympa mais un peu trop plan-plan ! Nous aurions aimé un peu plus de trot et de galop…Hihya !!!
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    Eh bien heureusement ils avait pris des leçons d’équitation à Nouméa 🐴 [Mamou]


    Un petit bain de boue comme à poingam? Ils ont grandit les chéris [Mamou]

    En selle les Ansel

    Exactement ! Ça nous a rappelé Poingam.

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  • Day4

    Day 4 - Angel's Landing, Part I

    September 14, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Sleep eluded some of us once again, and the alarms went off too early at 4:40am. The race against the sun and the crowds starts early in these popular desert spots. Zion National Park was over an hour away from our AirBnB, hence the extra early morning. Loading up our gear and lunches, we set out under cover of darkness, with only the bright stars and Olaf's headlights giving us an inkling of the wonder we'd see when the sun rose.

    But it was still dark when we entered the outer boundaries of the park 30 minutes later. Here the fun driving really began. Sharp corners, looming black & shadowy mountains soaring either side of the roadway... And then a looooong tunnel that wound through the mountain for over a mile! We could sense we were surrounded by impressive sights but the only things we could see were dim outlines. Descending into the canyon around hairpin bends and switchback turns, I was in my element while Nomes tried (and failed) to catch up on sleep in the back seat.

    We arrived at the visitor center just after 6:30am. As the only place to park, and considered one of the most incredible parks in all of the US, the lot fills up quickly. Already, many rows were completely filled and so many people were walking around!

    From the visitor center everyone boards shuttle buses that mooz (opposite of zoom, but beneficially so, there is so much to see even on the buses!) around the park. As the canyon restricts roadways, Zion's efficient shuttle system maximises visitor circulation, reduces cars and emissions... Win, win, win!

    By the time we arrived at Stop 6 (The Grotto, and starting point for the Angel's Landing hike), the sky was beginning to brighten, but a chill remained in the air. We decided to start out with sweaters on, knowing they likely wouldn't last long. The trail starts off deceptively flat, sandy and meandering along the Virgin River. The views looking up though, are almost indescribable (just check out the pics for 1000 words worth 😉). Before too long though, relaxing is over, the trail gets steeper, and switchbacks up the canyon walls begin. The sweaters come off, the hiking poles come out and we are ascending, on average, about 1.5 feet every 3 steps.

    The sun began to light up the tallest peaks on the opposite canyon wall and already some earlybird hikers are coming down the mountain! They must have started on the trail at 4am! Another lady and gentleman in their late 50's are running up the trail! No excuses. We are getting there.

    After the first set of switchbacks (oh yes, there are more than 1 set), the trail levels out as we cross through an elevated canyon, where trees and undergrowth grow thick and lush. We see signs asking us to hike in silence to avoid disturbing the Mexican owls, and apart from ragged breathing, we try to comply.

    The reprieve feels short lived, as we come to 'Walter's Wiggles', an interestingly named set of tight and steep switchbacks. We're not sure who Walter was, but he sure was wiggly and we (and everyone else on the trail actually) needed lots of breaks. Eventually we make it to Scout's Landing where, impressively, there were some bathrooms perched high up in the mountain.

    Scouts Landing offers amazing views of the last push to Angel's Landing (we're gonna go with 'AL' for ease of typing!) , and is a haven for anyone too tired, wary of heights or just content to not push it on the potentially treacherous last section. This last part which is a single file, occasionally chain-assisted scramble over the stunning sandstone spine.

    Already some bottlenecks had developed in the narrow trail points as even earlier risers were descending from AL. The sheer drops and narrow paths necessitate patience and cooperation with fellow hikers. The consequence for hastiness, slipping, or inattention etc. can be fatal, and has been for 13 unfortunate souls over the years :(
    We set out and climbed the first, steep chained section, arriving at another, even smaller 'landing'. The views were stunning, as was the distance to the canyon floor: 800 feet. This became my resting spot for the next two hours as Nomes is pushing on to AL, and Cilla, surprising even herself, decided to join her!

    Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter 😉
    - Becky
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    Darryl Pitcher

    The genes... perhaps? 🤣

    Nathan Giordano

    This place is amazing!

    Julianne Pitcher

    Their shoes?😃

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  • Day31

    Zion National Park - The Narrows

    May 9 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Le vent de la veille s'est calmé et on profite d'un réveil ensoleillé au bord d'une rivière. Impossible de ne passer qu'une journée dans un parc aussi beau que Zion. On revient donc pour la randonnée The Narrows. Il était préconisé de louer des bâtons de marche, des combinaisons et des chaussures étanches car la randonnée se fait principalement à travers une rivière. Malgré une eau annoncée à 8°C, on prend le risque d'y aller avec nos affaires. Pour ne pas glisser, on prend quand même le temps de se trouver (et de tailler à la scie bien sûr) un beau bâton de marche. La première partie de la randonnée se fait le long de la rivière et on passe plus de temps à regarder à quel point les gens qui reviennent sont mouillés que le paysage. Lorsque l'on arrive au réel point de départ, il y a du monde. L'eau nous arrive aux genoux et la température est vite oubliée. On ne regrette pas notre choix. Tout le reste de la randonnée se fait entre les deux parois proches d'un canyon qui se resserre de plus en plus. Le nombre de personnes diminue aussi à mesure que l'on avance, avec des sections plus profondes où l'eau nous arrive à la taille. L'aller se fait à contre courant jusqu'à un embranchement où on escalade alors plusieurs fois des roches. Chaque fois que l'on se croit seul, on recroise des gens en sens inverse qui reviennent. La lumière entre les parois change les couleurs des roches, parfois lisses, parfois saillantes comme des éclats de silex. On dépasse largement la randonnée préconisée pour s'engouffrer dans le canyon jusqu'à un endroit où il n'est physiquement plus vraiment possible d'avancer. On rebrousse alors chemin. Le retour se fait bien plus vite, en marchant dans le sens du courant. Une chance car on commence à avoir froid et les zones ensoleillées se font plus rares. Dans le bus du retour et pendant deux jours on a croisé de nombreux athlètes avec des équipements du championnat du monde d'Ironman qui se tenait à St Georges il y a deux jours. Cela met des idées dans la tête de Julien...Read more

    Amaury Laine

    olalala le génie à l'oeuvre lol

    Amaury Laine

    vraiment beau!

    Amaury Laine

    ca aussi c'est beau!

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  • Day78

    Zion National Park

    April 26 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Auf dem Weg nach Las Vegas besuchen wir noch den Zion NP. Abends zuvor übernachten wir, ungewohnt ohne Wind und angenehmer Wärme, vor dem Park.
    Muss gefeiert werden mit einem Grappa...mal KEIN Wind und Staub!!!!
    Der Park weist viele Wanderwege auf, ebenso das Klettern ist sehr beliebt. Shuttlebusse verkehren im Park, so ist es doch wunderbar still ohne PW Verkehr.
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